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Close protection or Bodyguard Services is a branch of professional security and protection industry that is dedicated in providing professional bodyguard services to corporate executives, celebrities as well as celebrities and politicians. Bodyguards provide safety and security services to such personalities on a 24 hour basis, who are in high risk situations. Bodyguard services include personal protection and escort, corporate protection and close protection companies London. A well-trained and professionally fit Bodyguard will be able to respond to any emergency situation. The level of professionalism of a Bodyguard can be determined by the number of years of experience that a Bodyguard has, as well as the training he/she has undergone during his/her career. Find the best Close Protection Companies Close protection officers or Bodyguards work for the services of a company or private individual, which requires them to be proactive and on duty round the clock. The primary duty of a Bodyguard is to protect VIPs and other important people from life-threatening or other attacks. A Bodyguard is also expected to assist executives and other employees in the execution of their duties when it involves the safeguarding of people. The personal as well-being of an executive is at stake and therefore the safety of the executive as well-being and the safety of the employee are of utmost importance. For this reason, security companies London hires only those individuals with a good record of security and personal well-being. Security companies London hire bodyguards and other officials on a contractual basis, which means that they pay on a monthly or annual basis depending upon the needs. You can also find companies that have a portfolio of their guards, in case you are interested in hiring one for your business or personal needs. If you are looking for a CCTV surveillance camera system then you may visit the website of the security companies London, where you can see various kinds of equipment they are offering for surveillance. You can also talk to their representatives and obtain information about their services and prices, and can ask for a free quote before hiring a Bodyguard.