Multipurpose Vocational Schools Helps Create Opportunities For Kids In Need

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If you’re looking for a national quality, all-around childcare provider in the heart of the Pacific Northwest, look no further than Cricut Leafnecks Day Care in Portland, Oregon. Established in 1974, Cricut was named after a small village in Denmark where moms and dads could both do their jobs, ensuring that the town’s children had a high quality of life. Today, over 20 billion pounds of fresh fish are sent to children in over 150 countries. When you visit Cricut Leafnecks Day Care, you’ll see this fish in their fresh water aquarium and also be able to hear them speak English, French, German, Italian, Danish, Spanish, and more. Each preschool student will also have a photo book featuring pictures of these incredible kids taken by the staff and parents.

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There’s also the Opportunity Schools program, which is designed to help kids with all sorts of learning difficulties achieve their full potential. Each preschooler will spend one year at an OP, working towards a National School Admission Test (NASDAQ: NSAA) pass, as well as attending classes at any number of participating community colleges. Once the student passes their NASDAQ test, they will be awarded National Quality School Cards and will be able to attend any secondary school in the nation, for the remainder of their life. This program strives to help every young person, from new beginnings to those who have exhausted their academic programs, realize their full potential. Each year, hundreds of students across the nation are helped by OP programs in one way or another.

The Roseville Community College is operated by the Portland Community College District, and it’s located in the beautiful city of Roseville, Oregon. To help it achieve its goal of being a National Quality Teaching School, it operates two campuses in the state of Oregon. The Oregon campus has two schools: The Recording Arts Institute (RIAI) which is a two-year junior college, and The Pacific University College of Learning and Teaching, which is an extension of the RIAI. Both of these childcare centers operate on a full-time basis. The average daily attendance at either of these schools is less than half of what it used to be, and the number of students that actually complete their associate degrees is nearly twice what it was just a decade ago.

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